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Bridge River Valley Reunion 2009        April newsletter

When: July 31- Aug 3rd 2009 (the reunion party is Saturday August 1st)

Where: The Bralorne Community Hall


Plans: designed so that people can come on Saturday for the reunion and leave the same day, OR stay as long as they want, before and after that day, we've got lot's to do.


-We will rent the use of the hall for the 3 days; cost would be around $10 per person per day for just about everything.

For example...$10/ day to camp beside the hall, $10 per day for the use of the hall, (this would also cover your registration fee on Saturday), $10 for lunch on Saturday at the hall. $10 for golf on Sunday, $10 for brunch at Goldbridge on Sunday and so on….


- There will be washroom facilities available for the 3 days in the hall. If worse comes to worse and you can't find accommodations you could bring your sleeping bag and sleep over at the hall.

- Book early at the surrounding local motels and hotels/B&B's. Go to "Goggle"or ask you 7 year old grandkids to just type in "Bralorne Accommodations" and a whole list comes up. The motel next to the hall is the Mines Motel   250 238-0150 ask for (Sally). The Mines Office building is 250 238-2321 and ask for Kathleen Doyon.

I would guess there would be 60 to 80 people on the Friday and the Sunday and maybe 130 of us on Saturday. We will send out a registration form early June to get a head count.

-Friday July 31st…. arrive whenever you like, there will be a planned dinner at the mineshaft pub and grill at 6 pm . Bruce Simon, he's one of the owners of the Mineshaft Pub and Grill has stepped in to replace PJ Hunton, PJ does not live right in Bralorne now. Bruce will put on supper at his pub on Friday for a modest fee (somewhere between $10- $15) that will include coffee. Bar service is available.

-Saturday August 1st

-12 noon till 4pm or so….reunion day begins. (Would someone be sure to get Mrs Pasacreata and any other teachers to the reunion on that day please)? I haven't got this confirmed yet.
Bring your year book and/or lot's of pictures of yourself as a baby or a teenager.

Registration is $10 each to cover the hall costs and $10 each for the lunch, put on by the Hurst family and the Bralorne Volunteers. I would guess that lunch might be around 2 pm it's really up to the Hurst family to decide this. Beer and Wine will be available at the bar.

 I'm still hoping that Phil Branca will be our MC this year, we should have the use of a sound system,that the DJ will use for his 50's music on Saturday night. A sound system makes things a whole lot easier for all of us

Saturday night dance 8pm in the Bralorne hall.. everyone in the Bridge River Valley is invited!!!!!!! Please come if only for an hour or two

There's a night of dancing and partying ($10) hosted by Sharon Wilkins starting around 8 pm till way past our bedtime (10pm). She's bringing in a D Jay, who does 50's music. He's from Calgary. This will be one person with a wide selection of music that can play whatever the crowd wants to hear as long as it happened in the 50's and 60's.  Sharon Wilkins wants everyone to wear something from the 50's. Anything that was worn in the 50's. She's got lots of plans and prizes for a fun night. There are inexpensive 50's costumes that can be bought at

 I'm sure all you guys have white socks and penny loafers, still in you clothes closet, blue jeans, white tee shirts and hair cream for your hair. Ted Wilkins says he has found his old "speedster" jacket"!!!!! The woman could wear those low cut blouses that used to drive me nuts along with black high heels and nylons that had that line in the back.

The use of wheelchairs and/or walkers are allowed on the dance floor, obey all the rules of the road please, but in this case you can drink while you do the twist J.

Sharon Wilkins is looking for volunteers to set up the dance,   She can be contacted at 250 836-2520 or Doug and Sally Dunbar get in touch with these people if you can help. I would guess that the guests living in the motel next door will jump in and help.

Sunday August 2nd

-11 am…There will be a church service that is open to everyone, donations to help the church will be gladly accepted by Lynda Illidge,      This person, along with volunteers are keeping that church alive. One of the topics at the service would be to remember those who have left us and this will be done by signing names you would like on a list that would be at the church…this way we are sure we have everyone recognized.

At this service, I would like to discuss the "cenotaph/cript/ memorial" that's at the Gold Bridge graveyard. I would like to get your thoughts on how to put this memorial to better use.

The afternoon of Sunday … the Gold Bridge Community Association will put on their famous brunch (around $10) each, at the Goldbridge Community Hall (at the dam site). This will be followed by a 9hole shotgun start golf game (put some old golf irons in you trunk before you leave home) There will be prizes. It is put on by (guess who) Sharon Wilkins and Sandy Oakley of Gold Bridge.

-after golf and a beverage break, we are invited to a potluck dinner with a bonfire and guitar music at Doug and Sally Dunbar's cabin at Gun lake. Buy something to bring from the gold bridge store if you like. I'd like to hear Phil Ashmore ,John Bett and Jim Maximchuck and all the other fine guitar players… one more time.

Monday August 3rd

-It's your day to do whatever you like….some plans are in the making : horse rides put on by Jeannette and Barry Menhinick , helicopter rides with Bruce Simon he says the rides will be very reasonable.  Sightseeing tours by floatplane from Tyax Lake Resort. Or even fish at one of the lakes, who knows, we might catch one. We might even convince Lance Rose or Bob Daly to show us how it's done!!! Contact me if you have other activities you would like mentioned here.

Book early, bring lots of 10 dollar bills with you, and have fun.

We have 108 names on our e mail list now so be sure all your friends without computers get a copy of this newsletter OK?

I'm always open for suggestions

These are some of those names that, I think, should be on the "memorial"

Isabel Evans, Don McLennan, Bob Quintal, Carolyn& Jim Swain, Ian Scott have all passed away this year

Ray Howard   250 592-5238

PS I have a request from someone looking for a woman named Williamson, she was born in the Bralorne Hospital in the 50's and the parents may have come from Bralorne or Pioneer. They left the Valley when she was 2 yrs old and both her parents have since passed away. Phone if you know her whereabouts and I'll pass it on.


2008 Bralorne Bridge River Valley Reunion

Get ready for the final Bridge River Valley Reunion.  This year the registration will be held at the Gold Bridge Community Club on Friday June 27th. 



2006 Bralorne Church Fund Raiser

For all of the people who donated to the Bralorne Church fund raising, from the bottom of our hearts thank you, the Church will have a little heat in it for the winter.  Thank you to all that helped with the fund raising dinner, it was delicious and a lot of fun to get together with folks in the Bridge River Valley.

The Bralorne - Pioneer Museum is also a place to visit, you will be surprised!



Now that all the renovations are complete the church is available for all occasions.

Bralorne Community Church, late 1950's                 







With the help of Pete Collins and friends, the copy of the original Communion Table is now in its new home.  Nico Hazel and Scott Robb of Bralorne set it in place.


We welcome all weddings and receptions


For more information and costs please contact Lynda Illidge.

The basement is self contained with cooking facilities for wedding receptions.



This organ has come home.  It was brought back by Pemberton folks and is said to be the original also.





The church society is very proud to have received this painting to hang behind the organ.  the artist is John Sloan of Winnipeg Manitoba.



Here are two photographs of the first wedding celebrated in Bralorne church since re-opening. The date is June 23, 2001.

                  First wedding! June 23, 2001                                  Wedding party - June 23, 2001



If you are interested in being a friend of the Church, membership is available for $5.00 a year just contact us to purchase membership.



Arrangements can be made to see the inside of our heritage church.  Everyone is welcome to visit the church anytime. Please come and visit and see all the work that the community has done.






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